2006 Salomon Adventure Challenge Series

May 6 - Fenelon Falls
(Fenelon Falls, ON)
June 17 - Long Course - Frontenac Region
(RKY Camp, Parham, ON)

July 15 - Ottawa River Valley
(Esprit Rafting, Fort Coulonge, QC)

Sept 30 - Season Championship
(Bark Lake, ON)
2007: January 20 - Winter Race
(Mansfield Outdoor Centre, ON)

Designed as a fun, first step into adventure racing, the Salomon Adventure Challenge will thrill you, inspire you, and leave your team with a thirst for more. No experience is necessary to participate and over 90% of teams feel the rush of reaching the finish line. Adventure racing rookies and veterans agree, the Salomon Adventure Challenge Series is ADDICTIVE!

During the SUMMER AND WINTER months, All-Male, All-Female and Coed teams of three participate in a 5-8 hour adventure, covering roughly 40+ km using a variety of human-powered methods paddling, mountain biking, and trekking!

Each Salomon Adventure Challenge we stage draws on our years of experience as Canada's premiere adventure racing organization and through organizing more than 60 wilderness-based races since 1998. This guarantees that your team will be treated to an impeccably organized and incredibly fun challenge that offers a true taste of the spirit of adventure racing.



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